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26 February, 2011

We and our Passwords.?

Ways of Creating Password

There are different ways of creating passwords for your computer and online accounts. It seems like these days, the usual six characters as length of passwords is not enough. There are sites that when you sign up and you give your desired password, they will let you know whether or not your password is strong. Most of the sites that have it even point out that it is better to have characters that are more than six characters long. For another, they usually recommend that you have numbers and letters in your password. Mixing up uppercase characters along with it is also recommended. Sounds tough, right? Because the the passwords would seem random or something like i

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26 February, 20111 comments
Secure you WIFI

In most cases, people use WEP, or Wired Equivalent Privacy. While this provides a certain level of protection, WEP is relatively easier to crack.  Read more

26 February, 20111 comments

A lot of the viruses and Trojans today find their way into a network or a computer using emails. They come in the form of links or attachments which are always a risk for anyone especially if they don’t have the proper software to screen these files being sent via email.  Read more

22 February, 20113 comments
New Malware named as the Malware OddJob

There is a New Malware named as the Malware OddJob, and observed that it keeps online banking sessions open, even after the user logs off from their financial institution’s website. Read more

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